totp-me totp-me - TOTP for Java ME

Java ME TOTP (RFC 6238) authenticator. It can be used as a token generator for

  • Google’s two phase authentication
  • LinOTP authentication
  • other authentication servers which support TOTP


Download the latest binaries from the SourceForge project pages.

If you want to use direct installation to your device, use either JAD or JAR.


Key (and only) features:

  • multiple profiles/accounts supported
  • configurable parameters
  • secret key
  • profile name
  • digest algorithm: SHA-1 (default), SHA-256, SHA-512
  • number of token digits (default is 6)
  • time step (default is 30)
  • time correction (default is 0) - advanced feature, the value (may be negative) is added to the device’s system time during computing a token value
  • input validation
  • key generator with Base32 and HEX output

Change log

Check Release notes for the list of changes.


Main screen List of profiles/accounts

Options screen Key generator

How to install it

Unzip files from the distribution package and copy totp-me.jar to your device which supports Java ME. Some devices may also need the description file totp-me.jad to be copied together with the JAR.

How to use it

You either have already a secret key, then fill it as Base32 encoded String after the start (Options form is displayed if no key is set already). Or you can generate the secret key directly by the application and then fill it as a shared secret in the authentication server.

Generate new secret key

  • choose your preferred digest algorithm in the Options screen (the default is SHA-1)
  • choose Key generator from the menu - it will switch you to screen for generating the new key
  • use New key command to generate a new key, you can use it more times if you are not satisfied with the generated value
  • fill the HEX value in you authentication server configuration
  • press OK command and you will be switched back to the Options screen; confirm your configuration and press OK command again
  • if no problem occurs, you are switched to the main application screen, where the Token value is already present
  • you can synchronize the authentication server with your token now


Check README on GitHub project pages.